It’s a simple, contemporary tale with a strange, magical ending: Business is slow in the small fog machine factory on the outskirts of town. No customers pass by the place, and in the current economic climate nobody wants to buy machines that actually produce nothing.
The owner of the factory and his employees – his son and an unpaid intern - are sitting in their showroom, feeling desperate about the future. In order to make ends meet, parts of the shop floor had to be rented out as a rehearsal space to a freelance string trio, who have since been tirelessly rehearsing a new interpretation of Haydn's 'Clock Symphony' and Messiaen's 'Quartet for the End of Time'. But the answer to whether the company can be saved or not is in the literal clouds. To boost sales, the factory staff start experimenting with spectacular new fog solutions: fog waterfalls, fluorescent seas of fog, musical smoke, planetary rings, fog replicas of famous sculptures by Rodin and Giacometti and Böcklin's “Island of the Dead” with a rowboat, all made of fog.
Soon, the room is full of smoke, and the only sound one hears is the music of the now invisible string trio, who is eternally rehearsing the slow course and stoppage of time.
When the fog eventually clears, everyone has disappeared and the factory is closed. Only the abandoned fog machines remain, still blowing fog and quietly dreaming of becoming human. The final image is one thought up by machines as they continue to create our present and are slowly sending it into the abyss and beyond, even after all humans have long been gone.

The new creation by Swiss theatre author Thom Luz deals with the most elusive and ephemeral aspects of our human experience: how can you hold on to something that is in a constant state of flux? What place does poetry hold in a world that is increasingly monetized?

With Mathias Weibel, Mara MiribungSamuel Streiff, Sigurdur Arent Jónsson, Fhunyue Gao

Director, Stage Design Thom Luz
Musical Director Mathias Weibel
Costumes Tina Bleuler, Katharina Baldauf
Sound Design Martin Hofstetter
Light Design Thom Luz, Tina Bleuler
Technical Director Li Sanli
Light Jens Seiler
Assistant Director Benjamin Truong
PR/Diffusion Ramun Bernetta
Production Management Gabi Bernetta

Thom Luz und Bernetta Theaterproduktionen

Gessnerallee Zürich, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Kaserne Basel, International Summer Festival Kampnagel (Hamburg), Theater Chur, Südpol Luzern

Language German/English
Duration 90 Min.
Rights schaefersphilippen Köln

Premiere 17. Mai 2018 Gessnerallee Zürich

With the Support of
Zurich City of culture, Canton of Zurich, service of culture, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Committee of Experts Theatre and Dance BS/BL, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Look Solutions Fog Machines, Schiedmayer Celesta, Viadukt*3