A play with music by Benjamin Truong and Nina Wiener, based on «The Sufferings of Young Werther» (Die Leiden des jungen Werthers) by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and «The Sufferings of the Young Woman Wertherinn», an anonymous essay written in 1775.


Lotte is standing in her attic. A long time has passed, since Werther and she… but actually she’d rather not think about it. And still – Lotte starts looking for Werther’s letters and begins to read them. Immediately she is caught up by memories both painful and beautiful and they become real. Her voice falters, but she continues telling her story, her body expressing what language cannot. 

«The Sufferings of Young Werther» is told from a male perspective, just like many classic stories. Werther finds his «objet d’amour» in Lotte, and uses her as a projection for his longings, formulating them in his many letters. In WERTHERS LOTTE it is Lotte herself, who tells her own version of their story, which allows her more space to remember her past in her own words.  

WERTHERS LOTTE is the first common project of the young theater professionals Benjamin Truong and Nina Wiener. Together they explore the limits between music, movement and language, searching for expression far from the usual conventions of these categories. 

With Regina Speiseder, Anna Hirsch (synth, vocal), Alvin Schwaar (keys), Giovanni Vicari (guitar)

Director Benjamin Truong
Edition, Dramaturgy Nina Wiener
Stage Design Lugh Wittig
Costumes Noemi Szalay
Graphic Noé Herrmann
Advice Thom Luz
Production Management Ramun Bernetta

Language German
Duration 80 Min

UA/Premiere 12. Oktober 2018 Vorstadttheater Basel

With the Support of
Fachausschuss Theater und Tanz BS/BL, Ernst Göhner Stiftung




12.10.2018 - Vorstadttheater Basel

13.10.2018 - Vorstadttheater Basel

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30.03.2019 - Vorstadttheater Basel