The world is strange. It is a weird combination of things, and yet, it works. No one knows this better than the US-American physicist William R. Corliss. In his «Handbook of Unusual Natural Phenomena» from 1974 he catalogues scientifically vouched but rarely observed weather wonders, among which the backwards falling rain, the quadruple sunset or the seasons passing in reverse order. In his preface he notes that the world is better understood when studying its oddities. He finds it astonishing that no one before him ever thought of putting together an extensive library of the oddities of all scientific disciplines.

Based on Corliss’ descriptions and their musical reconstructions the Swiss project artist Thom Luz created his production. The four exception-musicians Mathias Weibel, Michael Flury, Evelinn Trouble and Mara Miribung and the sounddesigner Martin Hofstetter morphe into weather men and women and install a weather symphony for trombone, trumpet-violin, tape and light machine that takes on a life of its own on stage. A marvelling approach of the wonders of reality and a bow to everything we do not understand.

With Michael Flury, Martin Hofstetter, Mara Miribung, Evelinn Trouble, Mathias Weibel

Director, Conception, Stage Design Thom Luz
Musical Director Mathias Weibel
Costume and Light Design Tina Bleuler
Technical Director Li Sanli
Light Li Sanli / Jens Seiler
Sound Design Martin Hofstetter
PR Ramun Bernetta
Production Management Gabi BernettaRamun Bernetta

Thom Luz und Bernetta Theaterproduktionen

Gessnerallee Zürich, Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne, Kaserne Basel, Südpol Luzern, Theater Chur

Bernetta Theaterproduktionen und Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne

Language Without speech
Projections Available in German, English, French, Dutch, Polish, Russian
Duration 60 Min. without Pause
Rights schaefersphilippen Köln

Premiere 10. März 2016 Gessnerallee Zurich

With the Support of
Zurich City of culture, Canton of Zurich, service of culture, Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, Committee of Experts Theatre and Dance BS/BL, Migros Cultural Percentage, Ernst Göhner Foundation, Georges & Jenny Bloch Foundation







10.03.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

11.03.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

12.03.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

13.03.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

17.03.2016 - Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne

18.03.2016 - Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne

19.03.2016 - Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne

20.03.2016 - Théâtre de Vidy, Lausanne

06.04.2016 - Théâtre Nanterre Amandiers, Nanterre (FR)

07.04.2016 - Théâtre Nanterre Amandiers, Nanterre (FR)

08.04.2016 - Théâtre Nanterre Amandiers, Nanterre (FR)

09.04.2016 - Théâtre Nanterre Amandiers, Nanterre (FR)

10.04.2016 - Théâtre Nanterre Amandiers, Nanterre (FR)

11.05.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

12.05.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

13.05.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

14.05.2016 - Theaterhaus Gessneralle, Zürich

31.05.2016 - Münchner Kammerspiele, München (D)

01.06.2016 - Münchner Kammerspiele, München (D)

02.06.2016 - Münchner Kammerspiele, München (D)

03.06.2016 - Kaserne, Basel

04.06.2016 - Kaserne, Basel

05.06.2016 - Kaserne, Basel

11.10.2016 - Théâtre La Vignette, Montpellier (FR)

12.10.2016 - Théâtre La Vignette, Montpellier (FR)

15.10.2016 - Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam (NL)

16.10.2016 - Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam (NL)

09.02.2017 - Theater Chur

10.02.2017 - Theater Chur

29.03.2017 - Südpol Luzern

30.03.2017 - Südpol Luzern

21.04.2017Nowy Teatr, Warschau (PL)

22.04.2017Nowy Teatr, Warschau (PL)

08.11.2017 - NET Festival, Moskau (RU)

09.11.2017 - NET Festival, Moskau (RU)

29.09.2018 - Festspielhaus, Hellerau (DE)

30.09.2018 - Festspielhaus, Hellerau (DE)