Buster Keaton had one of the most amazing artistic careers of the 20th century. Next to Charlie Chaplin and Harold Lloyd he was one of the most successful comedic artists of the silent movie era. His comedy consisted not of “failing”, but in “overcoming”—by the end of a movie he was surprisingly successful. He was a master of the art of the pratfall, yet his true mastery consisted in surviving any tricky situation unharmed, while keeping  a deadpan expression on his face at all times. Inspired by Keaton’s amazing gags and the tragic situations of his life, Merker and Hitz have created a play in honor of the comedian they so admire. To do this, they not only use many Vaudeville tricks, but explore many of the gimmicks of chaos and anarchy, all the while remaining true to the motto: «If the worst happens, do not move. The building breaking over your head could leave a window open for you.»

With Max Merker und Aaron Hitz

Director Max Merker
Co-Director Aaron Hitz
Dramaturgy Adrian Flückiger
Stage Design Martin Dolnik
Artistic Coach Enrico Tettamanti
Oeil exterieure Martin Bieri
Light Patrick Hunka
Assistance, Stage Managing Ricarda Amberg
Backstage/Costumes Helene Veuille, Matthias Bichsel
Production Management/Diffusion Ramun Bernetta

Max Merker/Aaron Hitz

Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn

Language German
Duration 75 Min. without Pause








06.03.2015 - Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn, Solothurn

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